Dog Thwarts Alien Invasion

The alien invasion was covered up, but not for the reasons you think. We wanted to save the aliens from embarrassment.

They Came, They Saw, They were Easily Conquered

Not my original images – I played with some stuff I found on the web.

A Star is Conceived

While in Las Vegas I photographed a sculpture in Mandalay Bay. I wasn’t completely happy with where it was located so I did something about it.  Scientists know how stars are formed, but how are they conceived?

I love that NASA has a lot of public domain images available.

A Star is Conceived


You’ll Never Catch Them All

Many of my friends play the Pokemon game and I took the concept into a dangerous direction.  I like the style of some of the old horror movie posters of the 1950’s and I was able to find appropriate typefaces.  The overplayed drama is fun.

You'll Never Catch Them All