Pretty Trash

Pretty Trash


Pretty Trash – I’m fairly certain I took this on Morrison St in downtown Portland – December 2017

Today’s Post Brought to you by the Letter K

My latest endeavor has been teaching myself to use Illustrator.  As a friend put it, “The pen tool is the devil.”  I decided not to let that discourage me. I decided that I need to create something, anything, so that I would feel that I am getting somewhere with the program.  The colors are weird and icky. It is too plain.  But yes… I made something dammit.

The Letter K

Last Day of the Year

In December 2009 I house/ pet sat for my aunt and uncle in Dixon California.  I had never been to California.

Besides house privileges I also had the use of their Prius.  I was able to travel about quite a bit.  San Francisco, Sacramento, Sausalito, Redwood City, Calaveras County.

It was an amazing time that I will never forget. This rambling bit is inspired by the experience.

Last Day of the Year

To Illustrate a Point

I’ve come to realize that I have been subscribing to Photoshop User magazine since 2009.  I was going through my collection and realized that I still have some of them in the plastic sleeves, never looked at.  Why have something if you are not going to use it.  In the April/May 2009 issue I found a tutorial titled, “Illustration Effect on Photos”.  I decided to play with it.  Perhaps I should go through all the magazines and do at least one tutorial in each.  The only way you get good at something is to practice.  I spend too much time doing my “JOB” and not enough doing the things I really enjoy.

Illustration Effect in Photoshop
Matthew Grey Gubler



Photoshop Illustrated Effect
Ian Somerhalder


A Bowl of Water

Some people hate it, but I love HDR.  I love the crunchy, intensiveness of it.  I love that there is so much detail.


There is more than one way to do something.