Does your husband have a sense of humor?

I worked at Barnes & Noble for three years and really enjoyed matching customers up with great books. One woman came in looking to buy a birthday gift for her husband. “Walter is impossible to buy for”. I asked her many questions to find the right book. “What are his hobbies?” “Does he like mysteries?” “Does he play golf?”

This when on for a while. Finally I asked her, “Does your husband have a sense of humor?” “Oh yes,” she replied. I took her to the children’s section and put the book, “Walter the Farting Dog” in her hand. She shrieked with delight. “This is perfect!” I really enjoyed finding the right book for people. Sometimes it was like Christmas.

Walter the Farting Dog
Walter the Farting Dog

Content Aware

I was able to go to Photoshop World in 2010. It takes place in Las Vegas. Since I have never been there before, I enjoyed playing the tourist. I spent part of my time snapping random photos. In front of the MGM Grand Hotel is a big golden lion. Of course I couldn’t resist photographing it. When I got home I could help but to notice that there were a thousand distracting elements in the photo. Ah… but what a great photo to practice content aware on.

MGM Grand Original
MGM Grand Original

I used a combination of “content aware fill” and cloning.


MGM Grand with distracting elements removed
MGM Grand with distracting elements removed

Very Orange

Here is a quick image of my business card that I took with my cell phone.  I used my lily as a photo assistant.

orange business card
anaranjado business card

Like I mentioned before, it is not perfect.  I would have shifted the flower over more.  Next time.  I just felt like if I futzed with it one more day I would never get it done.  I like that it is vibrant and friendly.

Gold Text

I’ve been working on getting my business cards made.  I probably would have had them done a long time ago, but I wanted them to be “perfect”.  Eventually I will have perfect cards, but for now I have adequate cards.  I have 500 very orange cards that match my very orange couch.  I like the orange, but it makes me realize that I have to calibrate my monitor.  These cards are ORANGE!   Yes Kymm, there is a difference between print and web.  I will post an image of the card later.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on upgrading my skills.   I was reading Photoshop User magazine and I found a very nice text effect. (June 2011 edition)

Click the image for a larger version.

Gold Text Effect
Gold Text Effect

It gives the effect of gold.  It looks very nice.  I put the lettering on a background that I made using “clouds” and “glass” filters.

Brand New Day

Schools out.  New adventure begins.

Time to get a job and build my website.

Let you know how it goes.

Summer is here
As inscrutable as destiny