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Tiger, Tiger

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If you know me, you know that I am very much opposed to animals being forced to perform for us.  I am against circuses and I’m not so keen on zoos.

Tiger at Oregon Zoo

However, back in 2008 I did go to the Oregon Zoo.  It was then I was able to photograph this beauty.  It is a shame that animals such as this are kept in captivity while the wild tigers are being pushed to extinction.

The Big Cat Rescue in Florida works to keep out of horrible situations that the sometimes find themselves in.   Big cats should not be pets, or in canned hunts, or in petting zoos.  They are not for us to exploit.

Castile Soap

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As a general rule I try to eliminate excessive chemicals in my life.  I’ve started questioning all the products that I use.  I’ve discovered that some of the chemicals in shampoo can cause hair loss.  So I asked myself, do I *NEED* shampoo.  The answer to that question is no.  Since January of 2014 I have not used shampoo (except when I go to the salon and have my hair dyed). This article inspired me. “How to clean your hair without shampoo” I started out using the watered down baking soda and vinegar. Now I just use water in the shower. I found that when I get shampooed at the salon my scalp temporarily produces too much oil. So shampoo actually creates the need for shampoo. Great marketing idea.

In my quest to eliminate unneeded products from my life I started looking at castile soap. But when I went to New Seasons to buy some I had to question the prices. Is one really better than another?

Castile Soap Comparison

Castile Soap Comparison


The ingredients are about the same.  The Kirk’s is: coconut soap, water, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and natural fragrance.  The Dr Bonner’s is organic and free trade: coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, water tea tree extract, olive oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, sea salt, citric acid and tocopherol. Both are vegan.  Both are made here but source from other countries.

When I tried them they both felt exactly the same in the shower.  The Dr Bonner’s had a scent, but I could live without it.  Soap is for cleaning.  I use lotions for moisturizing and perfumes for scents.  So one did not clean better than the other.

Here is the price breakdown per bar.  Dr. Bonner’s $4.79 — Kirk’s $1.99.  Price breakdown per ounce. Dr Bonner’s $0.958 — Kirk’s $0.497

So Dr. Bonner’s is almost twice the price, but what do you get for that?  It comes in a variety of scents.  It’s organic, vegan, and fair trade.  Their palm oil is produced ethically from sustainably-harvested palm fruits.  If you give a fuck about climate change you know this is important.  I looked up tocopherol.  It is a fancy word for vitamin E.  Sodium hydroxide is also known as lye or caustic soda.  Traditionally soaps were made with it.  Dr Bonner’s also does a lot of philanthropy and campaigns for labeling GMOs.  I’m liking this.

I went to Kirk’s website to see where they stand.  I certainly like the abbreviated ingredient list.  On their website they do say they are vegan and that the fragrance is less than 1% of the product. The fragrance is a combination of essential oils from the pine and citrus family and is Phthalate-Free.  As it is with Dr Bonner’s, there is lye used in the manufacture. It does not say anything on the website about where the ingredients are sourced from.  I wrote them an email.  I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

So there you have it.  Both are vegan.  Both clean.  One is twice the price.  My sticking point is where the ingredients are sourced.

But then like the shampoo, I may someday decide that I don’t need it and water is just fine.


PS… I did hear back from Kirk’s.  They said they are working on sourcing the palm fruit.  This is good to know.  I appreciate that they did get back to me quickly.


Destroy Something

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How far do you have to destroy  something before you can call it  YOUR OWN?

This is me destroying someone else’s hard work. Some nice woman
named Laura Lein-Svencner made a beautiful mixed media work
and had it published in a book. I totally destroyed it.
I’m so thoughtless. It makes me want to ask the question:
How far do you have to destroy something before you can call it



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“Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!”

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Yesterday I went to visit Mount St Helens in Washington. I left there truly impressed by the power of nature.

Mount St Helens in Washington

From Wikipedia – “David Alexander Johnston (December 18, 1949 – May 18, 1980) was an American vulcanologist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) who was killed by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington. One of the principal scientists on the monitoring team, Johnston died while manning an observation post about 6 miles (10 km) from the volcano on the morning of May 18, 1980. He was the first to report the eruption, transmitting the message “Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!” before being swept away by the lateral blast created by the collapse of the mountain’s north flank. Though Johnston’s remains have never been found, remnants of his USGS trailer were found by state highway workers in 1993.”

At Johnson Ridge Observatory they show a short film, and in part of it they play the recording of his last words.  It made my hair stand on end.  There was a tinge of fear, but mostly I heard excitement and awe.  He was thrilled to be there at that moment in time.  More than 30 years later I was standing near the same spot 6 miles away viewing aftermath.  The destruction is impressive.  After seeing the film of the explosion, I realize that his last moments on earth were an adventure quickly ended.  He had seconds if that, but I don’t think he had any regrets.  He lived his life doing what he truly loved.

We should all be able to say that at the end of our lives.


In an instant millions of trees were gone.

Mount St Helens in Washington

Click on any image to make it larger.

Mount St Helens in Washington - The mountain has so many interesting features from erosion.

The mountain has so many interesting features from erosion.

Johnson Ridge Observatory

Before and After - Mt St Helens


David Johnston hours before he died

David A. Johnston, 13 hours before his death at the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Look how happy he is here.  His life was interesting, fulfilling and wonderful.


A Measure of Darkness

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In Portland, Oregon, like any major city, there is a big homeless problem.  Most of the year you can find many hopeless souls gathered near the Saturday Market.  I took this a few years ago.  I hope better things have happened to them since. Click on the image to expand it.

Portland homeless near Saturday Market


“Seven out of ten Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless” – Pras Michel

“Persons who have been homeless carry within them a certain philosophy of life which makes them apprehensive about ownership.” – Jerzy Kosinski

A Pretty Bug

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Butterfly at the Oregon Zoo

In 2007 I had a membership to the Oregon Zoo.  One of the exhibits is the butterfly house.  I can only very seldom get good shots of a butterfly in the wild.  The butterfly house enabled me to see a lot of beautiful specimens up close and personal.  Go on a cool day in the late summer.  They tend to move slower.

Duck, Duck….

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This is from the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.  I made a version of this with very saturated colors.  This version appeals to me more.  These ducks are very commonplace.  You know what color they are.


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abandoned stroller

Plastic in the Fountain

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On my way to the library I came upon this bottle in the fountain.  Recycling and trash cans were only about 10 feet away.

The recycling rate remains steady at around 27 percent.


I got my information from this website.

Over the Willamette

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In Portland, Oregon there are many ways to cross the Willamette River.  One of the cities nicknames is Bridgetown.  There are something like 10 bridges that cross the river in the PDX area.  I think that the prettiest and most architecturally interesting bridge is The St John’s Bridge.  According to Wikipedia It is the only suspension bridge in the Willamette Valley and the furthest north on the Willamette River.  It was opened June 13, 1931.

St John's Bridge in Portland

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