Photo Restoration

I really love doing photo restoration.  To me it is like preserving little bits of history.  If I can bring an old photo back to life, I really feel like I’ve accomplished something.  If you have an old image that is damaged by time, I’d be happy to work on it for you.  Even torn images can be brought back.

My great-grandfather in 1917
My great-grandfather in 1917
My great-grandfather in 1917
Edited Image
















I charge $30 and hour or contact me and we can negotiate a flat rate. Printing, matting and framing is extra. I can be reached at

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Photos dulled by time can be brightened up.

Kymm Hinterberger in 1968
Me in 1968
Kymm Hinterberger in 1968
Color can be restored











I will even fix modern images.  Don’t you hate it when vacation photos are ruined by wires and poles.  I can clean these photos up for you.

Las Vegas MGM
Las Vegas in 2010
Distracting Elements Removed









Stains and Folds can be removed from damaged images

My Aunt Brigit
My Aunt Brigit as a young girl
My Aunt Brigit
Damage Removed from Image













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