A Star is Conceived

While in Las Vegas I photographed a sculpture in Mandalay Bay. I wasn’t completely happy with where it was located so I did something about it.  Scientists know how stars are formed, but how are they conceived?

I love that NASA has a lot of public domain images available.

A Star is Conceived


The Evolution of Man

I’m still working on this.  A friend said it looked like Rob Lowe.  I’m the only person I know who can accidentally paint Rob Lowe.  I’ll definitely be lightening the lips.


Work in Progress

I live in a small apartment, but I decided to make room for an easel.  Sure it takes up space in my living room and the cat has to walk around it to get to her food, but I always have access to it.  This is something I spontaneously started.  It is made with acrylic paint, lipstick, and eyeliner.  I found some cosmetics I had sitting in a drawer and did the math.  They were 11 years old.  I think they were **WAY** past using for what they were made for.  I will work on in more on the weekend.  I’ll post a photo of the finished product.

Easel in my Living Room

Destroy Something

How far do you have to destroy  something before you can call it  YOUR OWN?

This is me destroying someone else’s hard work. Some nice woman
named Laura Lein-Svencner made a beautiful mixed media work
and had it published in a book. I totally destroyed it.
I’m so thoughtless. It makes me want to ask the question:
How far do you have to destroy something before you can call it



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