Last Day of the Year

In December 2009 I house/ pet sat for my aunt and uncle in Dixon California.  I had never been to California.

Besides house privileges I also had the use of their Prius.  I was able to travel about quite a bit.  San Francisco, Sacramento, Sausalito, Redwood City, Calaveras County.

It was an amazing time that I will never forget. This rambling bit is inspired by the experience.

Last Day of the Year

Benson Bubbler

I found myself out and about in downtown Portland early today.  I was multitasking – playing Ingress and taking photographs.  Yes, I have had a drink from them despite the pigeons also being users of these unique fountains.  The water is just fine.  They get cleaned twice a month.

benson bubbler in Portland


If you want to know more of the history of these fountains check out these links.

Duck, Duck….

This is from the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.  I made a version of this with very saturated colors.  This version appeals to me more.  These ducks are very commonplace.  You know what color they are.

Birdbath Decay

If you stand still long enough in Portland you will take on a green patina.  Moss is everywhere.  I love it.

birdbath covered in green moss

Angry Bird

It seems that a lot of people are addicted to the “Angry Birds” game.   This guy is angry for real.  This is from the winter storm we had back in 2008.  Apparently seagulls don’t like the snow.


Angry Bird
Angry Bird