1926 – Gramma as a Young Woman

This week I haven’t been working, so I decided to work on a little photo restoration.  This is my maternal grandmother as a young woman in 1926.  This is at 135 Indian Church Road, the home of her adoptive parents.   Her birth name was Bryan, but she was adopted by the Stumpffs before she was five. I love the purse she is holding.  She looks quite fashionable for the day.  My uncle tells me she was raised in a polite upper middle class home, well cared for, with nice clothes and piano lessons.  She reunited with her birth parents after she was married.

There were stains that I removed and played with the contrast.  Actually I jacked the contrast, but I like the effect.  The image was tilted so I decided to straighten it.   I added the deckled frame.  If I could I would add the frame to every image.   I love deckled edges.  The before and after is here so you can see the changes.

1926 Helen Bryan Kubiak
Before Editing


1926 Helen Bryan Kubiak
After Editing

Sharpening Sullivan

It is amazing what Photoshop can do to an old image.  I took this image in Buffalo, NY around 2005.  I used a 3 or 4 megapixel camera. Originally it came out a mushy mess.  I did some tweaking and sharpening in Photoshop and there is a huge difference.  You can see much more detail in the terra cotta.

This is an image of the Sullivan Building in downtown Buffalo.  If you want to know more about its history check out his link to Wikipedia.


Sullivan BuildingSullivan Building