How Green is my Parsley



I just got all the Nik Software plug-ins and I’ve been playing with them.  This was taken at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market in 2008.

Our word “parsley” is a corruption of two Latin words, petros and selinon, meaning “rock” and “celery” respectively. Dioscorides (a Greek Physician of the early Roman Empire) is said to have given the plant the name “petroselinum”. The scientific name is Petroselinum crispum.

Parsley has been known as an herb for a very long time. It originally grew wild near the Mediterranean. It was in use by the Greeks before recorded history. The Greeks dedicated the plant to Persephone (Greek goddess of spring as well, paradoxically, of the underworld). Greek Mythology held that parsley sprang from the blood of the forerunner of death, Archemorus. It was made into wreaths and hung on ancient tombs and was also used to crown the victors at the Isthmian Games (rather like the Olympic games, but held in off years in Greece). – from