Lincoln City and Henry Rollins

Recently I went with my friend to Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. She was hoping to find one of the glass floats that they hide.  Every year hand-crafted glass floats are placed along the 7-1/2 miles (12 km) of public beach in Lincoln City, from the Roads End area to the Cutler City area. We didn’t have any luck with that.  However I was able to take some nice photos.

Henry Rollins Quote

I’m a fan of Henry Rollins.  His writing and spoken word stuff is fun.  I thought this quote worked with the image.


Depoe Bay

depoe bay bird

Taken in 2010 at Depoe Bay, Oregon.  I’ve been playing around with Silver FX by Nik Software.  I think it made a beautiful conversion to black and white.

One Tree

In 2008 I went to visit a friend’s farm in Champoeg, OR.  The countryside was quite beautiful.  On the way back we came across this tree.  I couldn’t resist preserving it in my own special way.

Tree Near Champoeg, OR
Near Champoeg, OR

Angry Bird

It seems that a lot of people are addicted to the “Angry Birds” game.   This guy is angry for real.  This is from the winter storm we had back in 2008.  Apparently seagulls don’t like the snow.


Angry Bird
Angry Bird

California Coast

Here is a panoramic shot from the same day.  I wish I could tell you exactly where this was.  On New Years Day 2010 I drove from Redwood City to Santa Cruz.  Click on image for full size.

The Left Coast


I’ve always loved HDR photography. The intense contrast and bright colors appeal to me.  Lately I have been uploading my photos to Flickr.  I came across two photos I took on the coast of California.  It was the same image with two different exposures.  Normally you want more exposures, but I decided to give it a go anyway.   Click on the image.

RR tracks running along the California Coast south of SF